Discover What IV Therapy Can Do For You

New Jersey Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Providers offer a variety of IV Nutrient Therapy Protocols, which can be used to treat an astounding variety of common ailments and conditions. While IV Therapy Clinics do offer their own specialized formulas, they all typically provide formulas used to treat many common conditions. IV Therapy Specialists are also able to customize your intravenous drips to meet your own unique health and wellness needs.

Learn more about common IV Therapy treatments:


As our bodies age, our gastrointestinal tracts may have more difficulty absorbing nutrients than in years past. This malabsorption can cause drastic internal and external damage to the body. However, with IV Therapy 100% of the nutrients go directly to the cells to provide the nutrients your body needs for healthy skin, proper immune function and overall well-being. Learn more about IV Therapy for Anti-Aging.

Chelation & Detoxification

IV Chelation Therapy is a powerful medical treatment used to remove heavy metals from the body and detoxify the blood. It is used to treat heavy metal poisoning, heart conditions such as hardening of the arteries, the after-effects of chemotherapy and many other conditions. Both conventional and alternative practitioners worldwide swear by Chelation Therapy. Learn more about Chelation Therapy and Detoxification.

Proactive Wellness

When trying to boost their immunity or prevent a cold or the flu, many people turn to foods or supplements high in vitamin c; however, the body can only absorb a small amount of vitamin c when it passes through the digestive tract. Because IV Therapy bypasses the digestive system, higher doses of vitamin c can be taken and absorbed without side effects. Learn more about Proactive Wellness through IV Nutrient Therapy.

Myers’ Cocktail

The Myers’ Cocktail is a powerful combination of nutrients given intravenously that provides a therapeutic solution to optimizing nutritional stores in the body. Named after physician John Myers, M.D., the Myers’ Cocktail was created over 40 years ago and is frequently customized by IV Nutrient Therapy Specialists to meet the specific health and wellness needs of IV therapy patients. Learn more about Myers’ Cocktail.

Fitness & Weight Loss

For enhanced performance during physical activity and faster recovery after, many men and women use IV Therapy treatments containing a combination of vitamins, amino acids and anti-inflammatory agents. This mix hydrates the body, delivers healing nutrients and fights swelling–all of which help the body to recover more rapidly. Learn more about IV Hydration Therapy for Fitness and Weight Loss.

Short-Term Recovery

Whether you are suffering from a cold, morning sickness, jet lag, nausea, a hangover or the flu, proper hydration and nutrition can help you get back on your feet quickly. Through specialized IV Drips provided by IV Hydration Therapy Specialists, your body can instantly receive the hydration and essential nutrients needed to fight off ailments and recover quickly. Learn more about IV Therapy for Short-Term Recovery.

Autoimmune Conditions

Because of the complex nature of autoimmune conditions, a multi-faceted treatment approach including diet, exercise, nutritional therapy and stress relief may all be used in conjunction. While fruits and vegetables are essential for wellness and reduced inflammation, high levels of nutrients provided through IV Therapy can amplify patients’ treatment. Learn more about IV Therapy for treating Autoimmune Conditions.

Chronic Conditions

IV Nutrient Therapy often serves as a supplement to existing treatment plans for patients that are suffering from serious medical concerns or chronic illness and those that wish to prevent health conditions. IV Therapy protocols can be tailored to fit your specific needs, and an IV specialist can determine which nutrients and drips are best suited to help you. Learn more about IV Therapy for treating Chronic Conditions.


New Jersey IV Therapy Specialists can significantly help men and women who are at high risk for cancer, going through chemotherapy or in remission from cancer. By providing the body with a rapid infusion of nutrients, antioxidants and hydration through IV Therapy, the body’s cells are more able to take in nutrition, eliminate free radicals and heal. Learn more about IV Therapy for treating Cancer.

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